The Veterans Expressway in Hillsborough County is a four-lane, limited-access toll facility that extends 15 miles from west of the Tampa International Airport near Courtney Campbell Causeway to Dale Mabry Highway in northern Hillsborough County. Current traffic levels in certain sections of the facility exceed 60,000 vehicles per day, and are expected to reach 90,000 in 2025.

The project widens the roadway from four to eight lanes by adding one general toll lane and one express lane in each direction.  The express lanes extend between Memorial Highway and Hutchison Road for a length of approximately nine miles.  The new general toll lanes continue north for an additional two miles to Van Dyke Road.  The entire Veterans Expressway was converted to AET in phases during 2014.  






















The Turnpike/SR 821 (HEFT) in Miami-Dade County has between four and six travel lanes, excluding auxiliary lanes, along 47 miles of roadway.  The facility begins at US 1 in Florida City and extends north to Broward County, and then to a junction with the Turnpike/SR 91 at Miramar.  Since this facility spans the largest and the most heavily populated urban area in Florida, it has become an urban commuting facility, as well as a long-distance intercity highway, subject to prolonged periods of heavy congestion, particularly during the peak hours.  Traffic on the Turnpike/SR 821 (HEFT) exceeds 170,000 vehicles per day in certain sections, and is expected to approach 220,000 by 2025.


Express lanes are being added to the Turnpike in Miami-Dade County in two phases.  Phase 1 is being implemented between SW 288th Street north to the Dolphin Expressway. Phase 2 extends the express lanes north to I-75.


The southern section of the facility will add one express lane in each direction from SW 288th Street to Eureka Drive.  In addition, the roadway section between Eureka Drive and Don Shula Expressway/SR 874 will be widened by adding one general toll lane and one express lane per direction.  The central and northern sections from Killian Parkway through the Dolphin Expressway/SR 836 north to I-75 will add two express lanes per direction.  Direct-connect ramps to the express lanes will be constructed at SR 874, SR 836, and I-75.








Beachline West Map



The Beachline West Expressway in Orlando has four to six travel lanes along the eight miles between McCoy Road near the Orlando International Airport and I-4. Drivers who use this toll facility are evenly split between commuters who drive to work every day, and tourists who travel to the theme parks and other local attractions on International Drive. Traffic on the Beachline West Expressway exceeds 80,000 vehicles per day in certain sections, and is expected to reach 120,000 by 2025.


The widening project adds one to two express lanes between I-4 and McCoy Road. The four-lane section between I-4 and Consulate Drive/Turnpike is widened to eight lanes by adding two express lanes in each direction. The six-lane section between Consulate Drive/Turnpike and McCoy Road is widened to eight lanes by adding one express lane per direction. The project includes a direct connect ramps to I-4.