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Pompano Dunkin'


There are eight service plazas on the Turnpike mainline, located approximately every 45 miles, which provide nighttime, armed security. Due to limited parking spaces, overnight parking is prohibited and vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

The service plazas on Florida's Turnpike are open 24-hours a day and typically offer a variety of fast food dining options, gift shops, ATMs, Florida Lottery, public telephones, 24-hour news broadcasts, travel information, picnic areas, dog walks, and other amenities. Both men's and women's restrooms have changing tables and each plaza also has a family-style restroom.

Wireless Internet (WiFi) is currently available at the following service plazas:  Okahumpka, Turkey Lake, Canoe Creek, Fort Drum, Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach. 

At all Turnpike Service Plazas, convenience stores with fuel are open 24 hours per day. In addition to regular gasoline grades and diesel, the following stations offer E85 ethanol for flex-fuel approved vehicles: Turkey Lake (Milepost 263), Ft. Drum (Milepost 184), Canoe Creek (Milepost 229), Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce (Milepost 144), West Palm Beach (Milepost 94), Pompano Beach (Milepost 65) and Snapper Creek (Milepost 19).

Tesla recently installed electric vehicle charging stations at the Turkey Lake and Fort Drum Service Plazas on Florida’s Turnpike. The service, operated at Tesla’s own cost and expense, may be expanded in 2015.

You may contact the service plazas at the numbers below, call 1-866-820-1178  and leave a voicemail, or send an email to guestservice@areasmail.com.

To order the Turnpike Toll Shirts please call (772)-672-5165 or send an email to drum.retail@us.areasmail.com.