A ticket system is a method of collecting tolls in which a customer pays a toll rate based on the distance traveled from their originating entrance to their destination exit. The correct toll is determined by requiring customers who do not have a transponder for paying tolls to take a ticket from a machine or from an attendant when entering the system. The ticket displays the location (or exit number) from which it was issued and may contain a chart of toll rates for each exit. Upon arrival at the toll booth at the destination exit, the customer presents the ticket to the toll collector, who determines the correct toll. If no ticket is presented (for example, if the ticket is lost), generally the highest possible toll is charged.Florida’s Turnpike uses a ticket system between the Treasure Coast and the Orlando Metropolitan Area, between mile markers 88 and 236. These areas are marked by the Lantana Toll Plaza on the south end and by the Three Lakes Toll Plaza to the north.

The ticket system on Florida’s Turnpike requires customers pay tolls by either using cash or SunPass. Three interchanges along the ticket system—Jog Road (mile marker 98), S.R. 710 (mile marker 107) and Becker Road (mile marker 138)—are designated as SunPass only. TOLL-BY-PLATE is not permitted anywhere on Florida’s Turnpike ticket system.