Beachline Expressway Widening Project

Mileposts 1-8

Project Details

This $174 million project widens SR 528, the Beachline Expressway, from four to eight lanes between Interstate 4 and the Turnpike, and from six to eight lanes from the Turnpike to McCoy Road.

The project consists of the addition of two, tolled, SunPass-only Managed Lanes between I-4 and John Young Parkway, and one-tolled, SunPass-only Managed Lanes between John Young Parkway and McCoy Road.

The project includes ramp improvements at International Drive, Orangewood/Universal and John Young Parkway, including auxiliary lanes between the ramps to alleviate traffic weaving. Six bridges will be widened and the bridge over Shingle Creek will be reconstructed. Noise walls behind the Williamsburg subdivision are included. New sidewalk connectivity along International Drive, Orangewood/Universal/Boulevard and John Young Parkway is being provided.

The existing through lanes from I-4 to the Beachline West Toll Plaza at Milepost 6 remain untolled.

Thru Lane Eligible Vehicles:

  • Vehicles eligible to use the thru lanes include: All buses, hybrid vehicles, and motorcycles equipped with SunPass or an interoperable transponder.
  • Vehicles prohibited to use the thru lanes include: Vehicles with three or more axles, trucks and TOLL-BY-PLATE customers.

General Lane Closure and Detour Information:

  • No daytime lane closures are permitted on International Drive
  • No daytime lane closures are permitted on John Young Parkway
  • Some lane closure restrictions have been added for specific Orange County Convention Center special events
  • Detours will be used for the installation of overhead sign trusses and toll gantry
  • Detours will be necessary for short closures along International Drive, Universal/Orangewood Blvd., and John Young Parkway for structures work.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.