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This virtual open house video will provide helpful information about the project. It begins by discussing the three participation options for the November 10, 2020 Public Hearing, then provides a project overview and explains how you can get involved.

The purpose and need for a project provides the basis for developing, considering, evaluating, and eliminating project alternatives. The project purpose and need are to enhance safety, address forecasted Year 2045 traffic needs, improve accessibility and mobility, and enhance emergency evacuation while avoiding or minimizing environmental impacts.

The limits of this PD&E Study are from south of Kissimmee Park Road to US 192, from Milepost 238.5 to 242.5, in Osceola County. The length of the project is approximately 4 miles.

This graphic shows the conceptual design of the preferred build alternative. The legend in the bottom right-hand corner provides a visual explanation of the symbols and lines used on the plan. Typical sections are shown in the upper left-hand corner, which are detailed cross section depictions for the Turnpike and area roadways. This graphic is available for download on the main project website under the Documents section.

The preferred alternative relocates the existing Kissimmee Park Road interchange a half-mile north to connect with an extension of Nolte Road. The proposed interchange configuration for the Nolte Road interchange is a Diverging Diamond Interchange, or DDI. These types of interchanges have shown an increase in operations, enhanced safety, and reduced collisions when compared to other types of interchanges.

Travel time within the study area is expected to be significantly improved with the preferred build alternative. Major traffic movements within the study area are expected to be 23 to 28 minutes shorter with the Build compared to the No Build alternative in the 2045 design year.

Currently, traffic operational issues occur during both the morning and evening commute hours within the study area, including congestion and a high incidence of crashes. The preferred build alternative is expected to reduce delay by 70% to 76% in the 2045 design year within the study area. Safety and congestion will also be significantly improved over the No Build alternative.

The preferred build alternative was evaluated to analyze potential effects to the social, cultural, natural, and physical environment in accordance with state and federal regulations. The evaluation matrix shown here summarizes the evaluation results.

This PD&E Study was started by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise in the 2018 and is scheduled for completion in early 2021.

Persons wishing to express their concerns about Title VI compliance may do so by contacting either the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, or the Tallahassee office of the Florida Department of Transportation.

We encourage your questions or comments regarding this project! Please contact one of the individuals shown here, using your preferred method. Comments and questions must be submitted (or postmarked) by November 30th, 20 days after the public hearing, to become part of the study’s Public Hearing Record.