Public Kickoff Meeting The Florida Department of Transportation, Florida’s
Turnpike Enterprise welcomes you to the Online Public Kickoff Meeting for the Turnpike South of I-595 to Wiles Road Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study.

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Public Kickoff Meeting
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Study Schedule The Turnpike PD&E Study from south of I-595 to Wiles Road was started by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise in the spring of 2019 and is expected to be completed in summer of 2021.

This schedule is subject to change.
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PD&E Process A PD&E Study is an environmental and engineering process conducted by FDOT to determine social, economic, physical and environmental impacts associated with a proposed transportation improvement project. An important component of the process is public and agency involvement. The process follows Federal and State laws and regulations. It requires the combined efforts of professional engineers, planners and scientists who collect and analyze project-related information to develop the best solution for a community’s transportation needs while
minimizing impacts.

Click on the image to view the different phases of a typical roadway project. We are currently in the Project Development & Environment Phase. If a build alternative is selected, then the project moves forward into the design phase.
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Project Location Map The project begins south of I-595 (Milepost 53) and ends at Wiles Road (Milepost 70) on the Florida’s Turnpike which is approximately 17 miles in Broward County. Project Location Map Click to Enlarge Slide Peak Hour Congestion The project begins south of I-595 (Milepost 53) and ends at Wiles Road (Milepost 70) on the Florida’s Turnpike which is approximately 17 miles in Broward County. Turnpike Peak Hour Congestion Click to Enlarge Slide Existing Typical Sections Typical sections are detailed cross section depictions of the roadway's principal elements that are standard between milepost limits. Existing typical sections are shown here. Existing Typical Sections Click to Enlarge Slide Project Needs Project needs arise from deficiencies and issues that may frequently slow down traffic, cause delays, or lead to accidents. The need to improve this section of Florida’s Turnpike is based on the five items listed on the image Project Needs Click to Enlarge Slide Effects Evaluation
As part of the study, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise will evaluate the potential social and environmental effects of the project. Every effort will be made to avoid or minimize these impacts.
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Area Projects There are several on-going PD&E studies, design projects and construction projects adjacent to or near the limits of this PD&E study. Area Projects Click to Enlarge Slide Thank You Thank You Title VI Title VI Click to Enlarge Slide
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