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About Permits

If your project requires any work on the Florida’s Turnpike System, or in some cases, adjacent to or near our right of way, you are required to obtain the appropriate Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) permit from Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) or enter into a Construction Agreement with FTE, to be determined based on the particular type of work involved.

Pre-Application Review

FTE can review your plan before you submit a permit application to determine if there are any issues that may affect approval of the permit. If you would like to have a pre-application review, please contact Stephanie Shinabery below. The Permits Office will arrange a review meeting with you.


FDOT’s One Stop Permitting website displays the permits that are administered by FDOT and the Florida Administrative Code (FAC) as well as provides information concerning permit applications and how to submit them.

FDOT One Stop Permitting

Note: Site is best viewed using Google Chrome.

Stay Connected

Always contact us prior to any work near or on our right of way.