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Five-Year Work Program

The Five-Year Work Program is the result of an ongoing process that prioritizes and funds upcoming transportation system improvements during the next five fiscal years. The work program provides clear direction on what projects to include, when and where to build projects, and how to fund projects. Florida’s Turnpike Five-year Work Program is developed from a combination of toll and concession revenues and from bond proceeds obtained by leveraging those revenues.

The Adopted Five-Year Work Program is the current plan for Florida’s Turnpike System improvement projects that are funded for the next five fiscal years, starting with the current fiscal year that began July 1. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been granted authority by the Florida Legislature to commit / expend funds on projects in the first year of the Five-Year Work Program. The last four years of the work program are included for planning purposes.

The Work Program Annual Update concludes each spring with the approval of the Florida legislature and the adoption by the State Secretary of the Department of Transportation by July 1.

Each fall, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise develops a Tentative Five-Year Work Program that is presented to the local governments at public hearings conducted by Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), or by County Commissions in rural areas. The Tentative Five-Year Work Program outlines system improvements for the next five fiscal years following the current fiscal year.

Adopted Five-Year Work Program

The adopted program begins with the current fiscal year and also includes the next four fiscal years.


Work Program Annual Update

During annual update planning, fiscal year 1 is dropped. A new fiscal year 5 is added after the previous four years. The new five-year plan must be adopted by the secretary of transportation by July 1.


Tentative Five-Year Work Program

This plan outlines future system improvements for the next five fiscal years following the current fiscal year.


Funded Work Program Projects

Take a look at our interactive map to see what current projects are going on in your area.


Following is a summary of the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Tentative Five-Year Work Program, Fiscal Years 2025 through 2029. The summaries are listed by Department of Transportation District. Select the button below for copies of each district’s work program.

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