Customers can pay for tolls with cash (U.S. currency) on some of Florida’s Turnpike facilities. Please refer to the “Cash” toll rates posted on signs before entering the toll plazas to determine your toll rate.

Toll plazas along Florida’s Turnpike Mainline where cash payments are still accepted will provide at least one lane staffed with an attendant 24 hours per day. If you require change, receipts or even directions, look for a lane with a green sign overhead when nearing a toll plaza. Some locations have unstaffed plazas, so customers are encouraged to have change available on their trips.

If you do have exact change, proceed toward a toll plaza lane with a blue sign overhead. After you have deposited your coins, wait for the green light. If the light stays red, check the coin return on the collection basket. Damaged and foreign coins will be returned. If you have deposited the correct amount, even if the light stays red, continue through the lane.

SunPass is Florida’s prepaid toll program and is the preferred method of payment for tolls. SunPass customers will always pay the lowest toll amount.