SunPass can be used on toll roads, bridges, and managed lanes throughout Florida. SunPass transponders are interoperable, meaning they can also be used as payment for tolls where the following transponders are accepted: E-PASS (Central Florida), LeeWay (Southwest Florida), Peach Pass (Georgia) or NC Quick Pass (North Carolina).

SunPass works on toll roads in Florida that are operated by other agencies, such as the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), and Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA). If you have an active Peach Pass or NC Quick Pass, and your account is up to date, you can use either of those transponders to pay for tolls on Florida’s toll roads and managed lanes.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise continues to work toward developing partnerships with other tolling agencies to allow interoperable travel between other states.

Tolls in Central Florida

Florida residents and even out-of-state visitors are sometimes unsure about the differences between SunPass and E-PASS while driving in Central Florida.

They are both electronic toll collection systems that allow a customer to pay for tolls with a transponder linked to a prepaid account. Because SunPass and E-PASS are interoperable, having either transponder in your vehicle allows you to pay for tolls without having to worry about which agency operates the roads. Customers who pay for tolls using a transponder always pay the lowest toll rate available. To prevent being double-charged, please ensure that you do not have both a SunPass and an E-PASS in your vehicle when traveling on toll roads.

FTE SunPass Preferred Payment

The map below shows which toll roads in Central Florida are operated by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (SunPass) and Central Florida Expressway Authority (E-PASS).

Central Florida Toll Roads

Have an E-ZPass?

E-ZPass is a separate toll collection system prominent in the northeastern and midwestern United States. Currently, SunPass cannot be used to pay for tolls on E-ZPass roads, and E-ZPass cannot be used to pay for tolls on SunPass roads. Only select Central Florida toll roads accept E-ZPass, which are shown in purple in the map above.