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This project is being developed in accordance with The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tony Espinosa at 407-264-3109 or Jacqueline Paramore at 850-414-4753.

This project involves interim improvements to the Florida Turnpike/Kissimmee Park Road interchange, near St. Cloud. The improvements are intended to enhance traffic operations until the ultimate solution, which is the relocation of the existing interchange to an extension of Nolte Road is completed in a separate Design-Build project. At that time the interim improvements will be removed along with the existing interchange at Kissimmee Park Road.

The existing southbound off-ramp from Florida’s Turnpike to eastbound Kissimmee Park Road presents operational issues during the afternoon peak travel times. The traffic backups on the ramp create unsatisfactory delays and safety concerns on Florida’s Turnpike.

The proposed interim improvements are designed to improve traffic flow on the Southbound exit ramp and Kissimmee Park Road. These improvements are temporary and will remain until the Nolte Road interchange is constructed. Improvements include:

  1. A second left turn lane will be added to the existing southbound ramp intersection by converting the current right turn lane into a dual right/left turn lane.
  2. A second eastbound travel lane will be added to Kissimmee Park Road.
  3. The existing left hand turn lane — from eastbound Kissimmee Park Road to the northbound Turnpike on-ramp — will be closed.
  4. The existing traffic separator on Old Canoe Creek Road will be modified to introduce a left turn lane. A new signal will be installed, and a U-turn movement will be provided at the fire station to allow eastbound Kissimmee Park Road traffic to access the northbound on-ramp.

There are three adjacent projects. Two will widen the Turnpike north of US 192. The third involves Turnpike widening from Kissimmee Park Road to US 192 and the Nolte Road interchange. The Kissimmee Park Road interchange ramps and corresponding TSM&O interim improvements will be removed after completion of the Nolte Road interchange.

This project is currently under design. We anticipate that construction letting will take place in March of 2023 — and the improvements will open to traffic around December of 2023. The ultimate interchange Design-Build project will begin in September of 2023, and we anticipate that the Nolte Road interchange will open to traffic in August of 2028. The interim improvements will remain in operation until the Nolte Road interchange is completed, at which time they will be removed along with the existing Kissimmee Park Road interchange ramps.

For additional project information please contact the Project Manager, Snehal Ambare, PE, or the Community Outreach Specialist, Tom Alexander.