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Landscape Program Master Plan


To achieve a successful, predictable, and efficient Landscape Program, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) has developed this Landscape Master Plan. The plan coalesces many of the policies and procedures already being utilized into a comprehensive approach to managing the FTE Landscape Program. The plan is comprised of several sections which outline the vision, design philosophy, work program and performance monitoring metrics, all necessary for a successful landscape program. Consistent with the Departmental Mission, the FTE Landscape Vision is, “To Promote Safe, Cost Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Landscapes Which Attract and Grow Business.” Components of this Master Plan serve to provide specific guidance beyond statewide standards for the development of landscape projects within the FTE highway systems. The goal is to establish a design approach and guidelines which will assist with the implementation of landscape projects that are consistent with the Vision and provide long-term value for the Department and its customers.

The Master Plan is comprised of six (6) major sections: Controlling Criteria, Design Philosophy, Context, Work Program, Project Planning and Design, and Additional Resources. Each section provides in-depth details for FTE Management, The General Public and Design Consultants on what the FTE Landscape Program strives to achieve and how to achieve it.

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