Florida’s Turnpike Amps Up the Voltage

Drivers of Electric Vehicles (EV) recharging on Florida’s Turnpike are about to get hit by a bolt of electricity.

Multiple companies, including Tesla, Florida Power and Light (FPL), and Duke Energy, are involved with installing charging stations at the eight Florida’s Turnpike Service Plazas.

Faster EV chargers, called EV Level 3, are being installed up and down Florida’s Turnpike, as part of Governor Ron DeSantis’ plan to  create a more robust network of charging stations along the state’s highway system.

This is a long-term investment by the State of Florida in EV charging infrastructure.  The increase in charging stations promotes reduced emissions and better air quality, while improving mobility and safety for the growing number of Floridians that drive electric cars.

Currently, there are Tesla charging stations at the Turkey Lake and Fort Drum Service Plazas, but Tesla is in the process of installing its chargers at the other six service plazas.

In 2020, FPL installed EV Level 3 charging stations at West Palm Beach, Fort Drum, Port St. Lucie and Pompano Beach Service Plazas.

Duke Energy is currently installing EV Level 3 charging stations at the Turkey Lake Service Plaza and has plans to install charging stations at Canoe Creek. Currently, the Canoe Creek Service Plaza has one charging station, but it is an EV Level 2 charger, which is slower than the newer models being installed.