Florida’s Turnpike is Converting the Mainline to an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Facility

Coming this Fall, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) will complete its implementation of ETC along Florida’s Turnpike Mainline from the Lantana Toll Plaza in Palm Beach County (MP 88) to the Three Lakes Toll Plaza in Osceola County (MP 236). This means cash will no longer be accepted at any tolling point along the Turnpike Mainline from Miami to Wildwood.

Tolls will be collected electronically using a SunPass, E-Pass, E-ZPass, Peach Pass, NC Quick Pass, LeeWay, or TOLL-BY-PLATE. As a SunPass customer you always pay the lowest toll rate in Florida, saving an average 25% on tolls when compared to TOLL-BY-PLATE.

This project includes constructing new toll gantries, between MP 88 and MP 236, which will replace the existing interchange toll ramps.  The new toll plaza names are associated with the nearest interchange or cross street. This will change how the plaza locations will be identified on your SunPass account activity. The new plaza names will display the direction you were traveling, northbound (NB) or southbound (SB), and are as follows:

  • SR91 Lantana Main MP88
  • SR91 Forest H Blvd Main MP96
  • SR91 Belvedere Rd Main MP98
  • SR91 45th Street Main MP104
  • SR91 PGA Blvd Main MP108
  • SR91 Jupiter Main MP113
  • SR91 Stuart Main MP133
  • SR91 Becker Rd Main MP138
  • SR91 Pt St Lucie Main MP141
  • SR91 Midway Rd Main MP150
  • SR91 Ft Pierce Main MP154
  • SR91 Three Lakes Main MP236

For more information about this project, please visit Turnpike Mainline ETC Project.

For more information about Electronic Toll Collection at FTE, please visit ETC at Florida’s Turnpike.