Dear Valued SunPass Customer

Welcome to the launch of our new electronic quarterly newsletter SunPassPort, redesigned and composed especially for you.


Each issue of SunPassPort will aim to keep you informed about new features within the SunPass program and provide you an opportunity to learn more about Florida’s Turnpike System, which makes up 500 centerline miles of toll facilities throughout the State. Between interesting articles and community spotlights, I am confident you will enjoy all that SunPassPort has to offer. Our team also wants to hear from you and invites you, encourages you even, to take advantage of our survey. The SunPass team is made up of hardworking people who strive to provide great customer service. Sometimes, we miss the mark; but we will continue to work and address areas where we need to improve. By responding to the survey and indicating your preference, you can be entered into a drawing for the chance to win $500 of SunPass prepaid tolls!


Many longstanding customers will recall that SunPass began in 1999, and today it embraces approximately 27 million customer accounts! This past May, some 22 years after the first transponder was issued, SunPass entered a partnership with the E-ZPass system. This partnership joins two of the largest toll customer account bases in the nation. Now, there is interoperability between Florida and 18 other states – giving toll road users the ease of using one transponder. We’ve rolled out a new transponder to complement this initiative: The SunPass PRO™. Be sure to read all about it under Featured stories.


As Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, which operates the SunPass program, I am honored to have you as a SunPass customer and appreciate your confidence in the program. Thank you for choosing SunPass as your preferred toll payment method and please drive safely!

Nicola Liquori