SunPass Mobile Service Center Team

Did you know about the SunPass Mobile Service Center Team? This team has been visiting statewide events and Turnpike Service Plazas spreading the word about SunPass and assisting customers with any account-related inquiries. Team members work hard to provide excellent service to SunPass customers and the traveling public.

The SunPass Mobile Service Center Team is currently engaging in outreach events located at various Turnpike Service Plazas from Okahumpka to Pompano Beach throughout the summer. They will be assisting SunPass customers and informing the public about the upcoming completion of the Turnpike Mainline conversion to Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

The customer experience has been positive when interacting with the SunPass Mobile Service Center Team, which can also activate transponders. They will continue to provide great service to customers. If you see them out, stop by and say hello.

SunPass Mobile Team at Okahumpka Service Plaza: