Kissimmee Park Road TSM&O

FPID: 441224-6


This project includes interim improvements to the existing interchange between Florida’s Turnpike (SR 91) and Kissimmee Park Road (KPR), located near St Cloud in Osceola County. The proposed improvements will help alleviate current operational issues with the existing interchange until the construction of the new Nolte Road Interchange. Once the new interchange at Nolte Rd is in operation the existing interchange at KPR will be removed.

The proposed improvements include modifications to the existing southbound off-ramp to provide dual-left turns onto Kissimmee Park Road and closing the median opening for eastbound Kissimmee Park Road traffic to access the northbound Turnpike on-ramp. Access to northbound Turnpike will be provided by the creation of a dedicated U-turn, and corresponding traffic signal, on Old Canoe Creek Road at the St Cloud Fire Station.

This is a Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) project. TSM&O projects focus on improving traffic operations to enhance mobility and safety.

The improvements for the project include:

  • Provide dual left turns from the southbound Turnpike off-ramp to Kissimmee Park Road
  • Close the median opening for eastbound Kissimmee Park Road to northbound turnpike on-ramp
  • Provide a dedicated U-turn on old Canoe Creek Road at the St Cloud fire station location for Kissimmee Park Road traffic to access northbound Turnpike

Project Background

A PD&E Study was performed to address the operational deficiencies with the existing Kissimmee Park Road interchange, as well as provide capacity for future demand associated with the planned developments in this part of Osceola County. The recommended solution is to construct a new interchange with an extension of Nolte Road and to close the existing Kissimmee Park Road interchange. Local agencies, key stakeholders and the public have been engaged in the development of interchange alternatives during the PD&E Study. Due to the timing for the construction of the new interchange, and the current operational issues, it was decided to implement interim TSM&O improvements.


The project is located at the Florida’s Turnpike interchange with Kissimmee Park Road, near the City of St Cloud in Osceola County.


The natural environment is a critical foundation of the region’s economy and quality of life. The proposed TSM&O improvements will not impact any environmentally sensitive areas or species.


FTE is at the forefront of planning for a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced transportation system for the future. FTE continually seeks opportunities to integrate emerging transportation technologies that can help reduce congestion, create mobility choices, minimize environmental impacts and improve safety. FTE also recognizes that connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies hold unprecedented opportunities for enhancing mobility and increasing safety on our roadways.

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Snehal Ambare, PE

Project Manager

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (HNTB Team)

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Tom Alexander

Community Outreach Specialist
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (WSP USA)

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