Design Sample Documents and Tools

The ERCAR should include the evaluation of all elements against new construction criteria. The sample outline includes the major components that should be evaluated under an ERCAR. It is expected that the designer will modify the outline as appropriate for the project.


The PSER is prepared by the Turnpike Materials Office but is utilized by Consultants in the preparation of an ERCAR and Project Pavement Design.  The Preliminary Report and Final Report Table of Contents indicate the major elements that are included in each document, including Appendices.


This spreadsheet, developed by the FTE technical disciplines, contains commonly omitted items in plan and document submittals intended for ERC distribution. While not intended to be a complete checklist of required submittal information, the list can be utilized by designers to improve the completeness and quality of submittal material.


When SP6390100CIAC is used in projects that require the procurement of new electrical services, the associated Contribution In Aid for Construction cost estimate is a coordination challenge. This tool can facilitate the coordination with UAOs as well as the project team to ensure all disciplines are included in the estimate.