Add Lanes to Turnpike

from Palm Beach County to North of Glades Road

Project Details

This project adds/extends the northbound and southbound travel through lanes to the Turnpike Mainline (SR91) from the Palm Beach County line to north of Glades Road / SR 808. This is a Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Project. This project goes with a widening project (FPID 418214- 1), to increase the number of tolled lanes from six to ten with one managed lane in each direction.

Project Resources


  • The TSM&O Project is funded for Design in Fiscal Year 2021, with Construction funded in Fiscal Year 2024
  • The widening project is in Design that will only progress to Phase I to support the TSM&O Project that will be constructed first
  • Construction for the widening project is not funded


Teresa Price, PE

Project Manager

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (Atkins)

Maria Parada

Community Outreach Specialist 

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (WSP USA)