Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC)

Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) is the Florida’s Turnpike program for heavy-duty towing and recovery and is a critical component of the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement program. First developed and implemented in 2004 by the Turnpike to reduce the impact of major traffic incidents, RISC helps to meet Florida’s Open Roads Policy goal of clearing the roadway of large vehicle crashes in 90 minutes or less.

Now a statewide incentive-based program and a nationwide model, RISC pays monetary bonuses to qualified participating tow companies for meeting pre-determined quick clearance goals. The Turnpike’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) serves as the official timekeeper of RISC milestones, is the primary contact for the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and is the hub of all incident management communications.