Property Management

The Property Management Program is responsible for clearing property purchased for transportation purposes. This includes conducting an inventory and inspection of all real and personal property acquired by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). If the property is not vacant and has improvements on it (i.e. structures, wells, fences, trees, etc.), Property Management is responsible for ensuring that these items are removed from the property and the land is clear and ready for the construction of the transportation facility.

Managing the sale and leasing of surplus and temporarily surplus property is another function of the Property Management Program area. Such sales/leases may occur via negotiated sale/lease, public auction, sealed bid or public purpose conveyance/lease. Properties available for purchase or lease are listed on our website.

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Leslie Rogers

Property Management Administrator

Property Management FAQs:

The list of properties that may be available for purchase or lease is available on our web site. If the property is not listed, contact one of our Property Managers and they will determine whether the property is surplus to FDOT’s transportation needs.

Contact one of our Property Managers and they will provide necessary information to you. Items may be sold through negotiations, or a competitive bidding process.

Contact one of our Property Managers and they will direct your inquiry to the appropriate individual, depending upon the type of use being inquired about.


Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise owns property throughout the State that has been deemed to be excess or surplus property. Excess property is defined as FDOT-owned property, of any value, located outside of the current operating right of way limits, but which the District Secretary or designee has not determined its future transportation use. This may include uneconomic remnants, remnants created when design or construction requirements change after acquisition, and remnants resulting from a voluntary acquisition of a remainder property. Surplus Property is defined as FDOT-owned property, of any value, located outside of the current operating right of way limits, which has no present transportation purpose and which the District Secretary or authorized designee has determined, in writing, has no future transportation purpose.

Excess property may be available for sale or lease to the public after it has been declared surplus. Florida’s Turnpike is actively reviewing excess property to determine if it may be declared surplus. Surplus property is currently available for lease or purchase. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing an excess or surplus property, you may complete the request form below or contact one of our staff members. Your request will be reviewed, and you will be notified as to whether the property is available for surplus review or available for purchase or lease. More information regarding the surplus review and sale/lease process is provided at the links below.

For information regarding the purchase or lease of Turnpike property, please send an email to