Relocation Assistance

Some right of way projects conducted by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) provide relocation assistance to affected property owners and tenants. The right of way agent assigned to you will let you know whether relocation benefits are available. If benefits are available, you will be interviewed at the beginning of the project. This will provide you a great opportunity to explain your concerns and the agent can explain how the relocation program works.

Submit General Questions To:

Leslie Rogers

Property Management Administrator

Chad Marcus

Right of Way Project Manager of Acquisition and Relocation

Relocation Assistance FAQs:

You won’t have to move until we buy your property. Most households and businesses receive six months or more from the day that they receive written explanation of the relocation benefits available to them. In no circumstances can any affected household or business be asked to move in less than three months. When we buy the property, we will issue a thirty-day notice to vacate the premises.

You can choose to move anywhere in the United States and claim relocation benefits. If you qualify as a displaced person who moves from a dwelling (including a mobile home) or who moves from a business, farm or nonprofit organization, you will be compensated for your actual moving and related expenses, as FDOT/FTE determines to be reasonable and necessary. FDOT generally reimburses the first fifty miles of mileage charges and pays for packing, unpacking and insurance of your personal property. None of the other relocation benefits are limited by the location of the replacement property you choose.

Yes! A relocation agent will be assigned to help coordinate your move.

Please explain your situation to your relocation agent. Replacement accommodation can be modified to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes the construction of ramps for wheelchair ingress and egress, the lowering of countertops, widening of doorways, adding grab-bars to bathrooms, etc.

If relocation benefits are available, they do extend to businesses. If you have a specialist business, we may be able to pay for a specialist relocation move planner.

Possibly. To the extent that the project schedule permits we will work with you to plan your move for a convenient time.

FTE has the discretion to elect to compensate for up to twelve months’ storage.

At the beginning of the project, you will be contacted by a relocation agent seeking to interview you. You will be provided eligibility notices around the time that FTE makes its first written offer to purchase the required property. You can file relocation claims at any time after that.